Sunlight and Ponderings

If you are familiar with either The Artists Way or Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron, each book touts the purpose of writing every day. Ms. Cameron refers to it as Morning Pages. When we first wake up, “…forty-five minutes exist before our defenses come into play.” I’ve heard many writers say morning is where creativity is most robust before the tasks of the day close in to dim those imaginative moments. Yet, writers continue to be invited into any realm of space with no universal timeclocks to hinder or stop, to be able to write wherever and whenever—which is exactly my point.

Granted, you may not believe you have anything to say to a blank page, but not true ye with so little faith! Even making a simple day-to-day list, choosing one of those items to expand on may take you through a tiny discovery about yourself or someone else. Never underestimate the power of the pen.

Keep the flow going, even if you scribble a picture of a flower, your cat, or a smiley face…keep the pen moving for five minutes without stopping, then ten, and…think of it as mind yoga because you are releasing thought tension.

Find your spot, find your page, and allow mental exploration to surge out, or in small wisps to capture a faraway memory or conjure up a delightful new one. Follow your breathing. There is no wrong way to a beginning.

Thank you for joining us three gals in our continuing journey and we look forward to your companionship along the way. We would love to hear your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Sunlight and Ponderings

  1. Throughout my 24 hour day, my mind is engaged. Even in sleep, my dreams often continue the creative process with random thoughts or ideas. I have compartmentalized my thinking consciousness into eight categories. In random order, they are career, chores, play time, rest, people interaction, reading, meditation, and sleep. Ideas come to me in all of them. Ideas are the seeds of life.
    Some seeds are rightfully discarded into the wind. Others grab my attention and cry out for incarnation. Merriam Webster defines incarnation as “the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas etc. “
    The seeds that grab my attention demand protection and nourishment. These ideas are given a life when they are written or recorded. Beginning with the third grade, I don’t believe there has been a day of my life that was void of writing. I proudly call myself a “writer”- a protector of ideas and an expressor of the beautiful world of imagination.

  2. Tim, thank you for your comments and especially your 8 categories of compartmentalized thinking. Thoughts live, whether awake or asleep, and yes, seeds of life.

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