Doggone writer might sound like an odd name for an email, especially considering Merriam- Webster defines the word doggone as accursed, damnable, blasted and so on. I prefer Marc Saltzman’s version when he wrote in USA TODAY, “So, for our furry friends, at least, 2020 has been, well, doggone fun.” That’s more in tune as to why I chose to use the email, I love dogs and could write forever about them, the big ones, small ones, medium-sized, curly-haired, long locks, ears nearly dragging on the ground or one’s ears pointing straight up to the sky. I’m just an inspired doggone reader and writer that couldn’t put down Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Or, how about Merle’s Door – Lessons from a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasote?  Oh, to write such great stories. I did include a couple stories about my dogs and could have filled the pages in our book Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets with tale (or is it tail?) after tale. That’s what makes writing so glorious. You can capture and share writings about any and every subject you desire and it’s a guarantee someone out there will identify with it. Or you can just write for your own pleasure, releasing your thoughts to keep close only to you. So, doggone, write! 

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  1. Who could not relate to this? Especially if an animal lover? How clever of a description for doggone, using love, quotes, books, writing, and our four legged friend. Wonderful!

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