Toe in the Water

Diana, Sally, and I continue to meet once a week on zoom for an hour or more. It’s second best to when we met in Tucson for all those years, twenty-five and counting. Since our book has been published and released September 6th, we’re now on a new road—marketing, an avenue we’ve never visited. Authors and writer marketing books have said, “Now starts the hard stuff.” Are they kidding? We thought writing the book and completing it was enough work to make us drop pounds, no gym involved.

During our zoom meeting today, we touched base and shared notes on contacts made, bookstores and libraries visited, a local magazine interview (in Tucson), application to Tucson Festival of Books held in February and last, but not least, a possible podcast interview. Sally and Diana have been covering the Tucson area faster than a road runner. They are the ones responsible for all the aforementioned. I can’t make the same claim and their patience with me is profound.

I’m just plain scared of stepping out my door. I wonder if there are other authors who feel the same? I am nervous about what people will think. I don’t know them. Will they listen or show impatience? Will they want to shove me out their door, hang up the phone, not look at the book, turning away? I roll over in bed at night, rehearsing what I should say. If I think it about it too much, I grab a brown bag and breathe into it. My doctor refuses to prescribe a year’s supply of Xanax. I’m guessing those thoughts are truly a big figment of my imagination. Diana and Sally have found contacts to be nice and respectful. 

My two co-authors have worked diligently to promote our book. Like them, I think it’s time to join them in this, our next step. I have put my toe in the water, hoping to reach my ankle soon. To be serious and fair to Diana and Sally, I am determined and slowly moving forward, facing the anxiety of being vulnerable, being “out there.” I never dreamed I would be so fearful of marketing. In fact, I’m not exactly sure what steps to take, but like a puppy following its mother, I watch Diana and Sally closely and plan on imitating their behavior. Just like our book reiterates, it’s their support and encouragement that binds us together and I need to respond and “move.” I think I’ll grab my contacts plan and head out the door. 

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