2 thoughts on “Thursday Prompt – 12.15.22

  1. What a good prompt! Here’s what I wrote…

    Monday: Hello. Today is a day of unending possibilities. I’ll get back to you when I can.

    Tuesday: Hello. Today is still looking fresh and ripe with options and possibilities. I’ll add your message to my list.

    Wednesday: Hello. Hump Day. I used to love this day, back in my rat race days — the week was peaking and the weekend loomed. Now, in my post-career Third Act, this mid-week point is catching me by surprise. It heralds the coming end of the business-day week and I’m not ready yet for the week to be on the downward trajectory.

    Thursday: Hello. Sorry. No time to chat. Leave a message. I hope to get back to you.

    Friday: Hello. Suddenly it’s week’s end. And I’ve managed to check off a few things on my to-do list, including: write. read. submit. plan. repeat. I’ll take note of your message and see what it sparks for me. Who knows where our connection might take us…

    Saturday: Hello. I’m out doing domestic chores today. No time for chit chat. Leave a message.

    Sunday: Hello. My plan is to be offline today, though probably I’m not achieving that. I hardly ever do. So many sites to check and blogs to read and comments to make. But if you leave a message here, there’s always next week that holds the promise of more time and more opportunity. And, who knows, I may actually be organized enough to return your call. Be well today. And always.

  2. Hello Amanda, This is Sally and I can tell by todays message that your week has been full and you will get back to me. Ta-Ta.
    Great job Amanda, what fun you have!

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