Thursday Prompt 1. 11. 2023

I once read that even when a writer doesn’t have a pen in hand or a keyboard to use, he or she is creating sentences in their head, observing life around them, such as an argument in a grocery store, two young lovers kissing in the most unusual settings, or the recent and controversial interviews with Prince Harry. A story is being formed. The author says, “All is fodder.” Every situation you experience can begin in your mind, then released to become your next writing. What fodder grabs you—conversations, walking a country road, a Broadway play? Write about it. You might be surprised.

One thought on “Thursday Prompt 1. 11. 2023

  1. I totally agree that ‘all is fodder’ and I am always writing even without pen or paper to hand. It’s what the late American writer Gary Provost calls ‘writing in your head’ — and he says that a lot of writing can (should) be done in one’s head before we ever fill a page with words. Your prompt makes me realize that I am *always* making up stories in my head in response to what I see and hear around me. I never know what gold I might be able to mine from my musings!

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