A Vulnerability

Our blog was created to reveal each of us through our writings. We also have used it many times to encourage others to begin writing or continue, either solo or with a writing group. Writing isn’t always “safe,” as many would say. There’s vulnerability at times. Perhaps writing an editorial or a certain essay that begs for a voice.

This coming Sunday, I will be attending a “Letter Writing Party” in Fort Collins to stop the recreational killing of wolves. It clearly is a hot topic between conservationists, farmers and hunters. Proposition #14 passed during last November’s voting, meaning Coloradans voted for the reintroduction of the grey wolf into Colorado. It’s been eighty years since the wolves have lived here. I volunteered at the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary west of Fort Collins for a while. It was an incredible educational experience, and I wrote a story about the Sanctuary in our book Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets.

Discussion and disagreement have focused on the manner of reintroduction and the four phases involved. We “pro-wolfers” (as we’ve been called) have been asked to attend this meeting and write letters to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commissioners in regard to protesting Phase #4, which would possibly allow the wolf potentially to be classified as a game species in the future. 

Sometimes our beliefs must be written on paper, no matter who reads it. Do I feel vulnerable? Yes. Am I one to put myself out there, “in the open?” That’s a resounding no. But isn’t that what writers do? Reveal to the reader who they are, what they believe, be it through fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Sometimes, the writing is for many to see. Not always easy to do.

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