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My husband and I were back in Nebraska this past weekend. With some extra time, we decided to meander through the campus where we graduated—the University of Nebraska. We hadn’t done this since the month we graduated, July 1972. Yes, we attended Nebraska games and all the activities after. However, since graduating, we never returned to the campus itself. 

Of course, it was if we spun back into those four years of college. It was a wonderful time in our life. We’d just gained freedom from living at home, made new friends and lived the dorm lifestyle—the girls’ separate from the boys’. Those requirements have disappeared into the archives. Guess that’s a reminder of how long ago my husband and I graduated! 

Last weekend, we relived memories, stopping in front of buildings where I took my main classes to pursue a speech therapy degree. His classes were directly across the mall, where he studied for a major in business. I can still see him hurrying across the mall one afternoon to meet me. It was misting that day and my heart thumped a beat or two faster when I saw him, an umbrella perched over my head. Oh, young love, even though we were married by then. 

As we drove around campus, we laughed at the crazy things we did and how we were able to support ourselves working part-time, me as a waitress, him delivering flowers for a local florist. We were also able to pay tuition and books, something few students are able to do today without accumulating a massive amount of debt. We were lucky we attended college so many years ago. 

Driving campus was a wonderful time together, a reminder not only of how young we were, but also how unaware we were of the future. Sometimes, that’s not so bad.

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