Weekend Finale

Sunday’s book signing took place at the Barnes and Noble in Foothills Mall, Tucson. It was our last hurrah for the weekend. There was a constant stream of people during the time there. Many were friends of Diana and Sally. They’d either purchased a book or brought one to sign. Due to our family’s many moves over the past years, most of my friends are dispersed in different states, with me now in Colorado. However, I was able to watch their hugs and listen to them, some known for years. The only word to describe it was “sweet.” There’s nothing like friends.

We prepared and happily anticipated the weekend for so long, it’s amazing how fast it went. It was such a new experience for us, and every moment was treasured. So, now what? We didn’t even discuss it. Instead, I flew home to Colorado and all three of us curled up into our home nests and crashed. For now, we’d like to once again pursue our individual writings. But before saying good-bye, we met at Sally’s, toasted each other with a decaffeinated berry iced tea (too early for Bloody Marys) and almost simultaneously looked at each other and said, “We did it!” 

The past three years have been intense, hard work, and a rewarding experience, far beyond our imagination. We want to express again how grateful we are to those who edited and reviewed our book, to our families for supporting us in our venture and to all our friends and readers. It’s been a great ride!     

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  1. Yes, indeed! If the three of us had been told of all the challenges we’d face after writing the book during editing, publishing and marketing, I don’t think we would have pursued it. But once we put our feet on the path we persevered with gusto and a mighty “yes we can”. We learned a lot along the way. We all love to write, to create, but getting our book out the door into reader’s hands was daunting. It was WORK. Now on the other side of three years, I can say it is worth it. I loved talking to readers who enjoyed our book and writers who said it was helpful. I’m so grateful we had each other for support. It has been a wonderful journey.

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