Wind for Easter?

“Spring has sprung.” Isn’t that a long-time saying? I think, maybe think, hopefully think that it’s happening right here in Colorado now. It’s a wild guess, though. Winter has been longer than usual, and it seems we’ve had more snow and gray than the color of geese. The wind has been unruly and wild, much like our middle child. Tumble weeds and bits of gravel slam against the side of our house, much like someone shaking a baby rattle in both ears, only with the volume turned up exponentially. Sometimes the windows rattle so much, I’m sure shards of glass will land in my lap and on the kettle corn I’m chomping while watching a favorite television series with my husband. That would push me over the edge. Kettle corn is just too delicious to waste. 

This spring’s wind reminds me of years past living in western Nebraska. Our family would wake up in the morning to stillness with a big smile spread across our face. No wind! Not until an hour later when it sounded like a train was roaring around both sides of the house. Our smiles faded, turning upside down into a frown, our eyebrows scrunched low over our eyes in disapproval. Why bother brushing your teeth? Grit would soon look like small bits of Oreo cookies splayed on your teeth. No reason to comb your hair. Once you stepped out of your car, the wind did it for you, only it stood up much higher and wider than you would have preferred. Don’t wear a skirt or dress that day. You might look like the famous picture of Marilyn Monroe standing over a sidewalk grate. Or maybe not, depending on how you truly looked. 

Hopefully, Sunday’s weather will be nice, wind free. Forecasters say it will be. The children will be delighted to find their “real” eggs, decorated the night before. Much like our daughter was excited when she was twelve and still into Easter egg hunts, or mainly the candy. She found an egg under a bush, and unknown to us, shoved it into her coat pocket and later hung her coat in the basement hallway. All through the summer, my husband and I sniffed and sniffed like bloodhounds, near the hall, down the stairway, wondering where the dead mouse was located? Late August, I went to wash her coat, started cleaning the pockets and pulled out a rotten decorated egg. Mystery solved. Happy Easter everyone!

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