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The Way With Words became ‘live’ to the public last July. We are fast approaching our first anniversary. Wow, time flies when you have lots to share. And as months roll on, I will speak for myself, new doors open, others gently shut, and excitement when new ideas arise, some others may have collected dust, but the point is it is neverending and keeps me moving forward.

The three of us worked long and hard creating this website. Particularly Diana who took an online class and spent long hours figuring things out and talking with little helpers. Once we were ready to push the ‘Public’ button, we held our breath. Guess what? Not one of us disappeared from the face of this earth! This commitment keeps us writing together for ourselves and others.

In this past year, I have subscribed to new blogs that catch my attention in similar areas of my interests. The range consists of great books to read, reviews, food, travels, personal experiences, gathering readers’ opinions on topics, pets, children, parents, and so on, and it takes time! Gosh, I have a schedule to keep up with these emails.

As I filter through blogs, I do not always make a comment, or even hit the LIKE icon, but the content is duly noted, sometimes forwarded, or I take a note to possibly add to thoughts for my blog posting or other form of writing. There are so many that are inspirational and encouraging for readers and writers.

I do hope you dear readers have found interest and our posts have given you reflection, and most of all, taking the time to write your notes, or even a poem, a few paragraphs that have surfaced from deep within the well of your mind and heart.

Do you feel like you know us a bit? We hope so and would like to know you. There will be slight changes over the summer as we roll into our second year, and we want you included. We hope you will share our website link with others often.

As we gather ideas going forward, we encourage your viewpoints/opinions regarding The Way With Words, so please contact us via email noted on our About Us page. We would love to hear what you are thinking, what you might want more of or less of, and most importantly…have you written? If so, please attach this or put in the body of your email. Be brave, you won’t disappear either.

Thank you for being a part of this journey and let us hear from you!

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