Home Sweet Home

6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. An excellent heartfelt description of HOME. I’m still connected to my Kansas roots even though I haven’t lived there in 65 yrs. It is still and always will be HOME.

  2. When I think of Nebraska, I think of my love of books by Willa Cather. Someday I hope to visit Red Cloud. But I also think about the sandhill cranes who make Nebraska their temporary home as they migrate north in the late winter. Magical!
    Minnesota is my home and I can’t let it slip by that the University of Minnesota beat Nebraska this week in the first football game of the season. Sorry! (Not really!)

  3. You do have to visit the Willa Cather Museum at Red Cloud. I went with my sisters a few years ago and it’s great! I love her writing, too. As for the football game, well, what can I say? Since watching Colorado yesterday, the Nebraska team might be shaking in their boots!

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