Thursday Writing Prompt 10.5.2023


In my recent blog, I wrote about story and the gift of sharing and possibly, most important, listening. I’m sure we all have experienced someone sharing a confidence and “Please do not tell anyone.” Well, I will confess, I’ve been guilty at not always keeping that confidence. (I’m 73 and still have to work on that!) Are you able to keep a confidence? What is important for you about keeping a confidence? For someone else-for you, too?

2 thoughts on “Thursday Writing Prompt 10.5.2023

  1. I am a spiritual director and keeping confidences is an important aspect of sitting with someone who is exploring their spiritual journey. I am not saying that is easy and sometimes knowing what I know keeps me tossing and turning at night, but at the same time such a privilege it is to be fully trusted and honored with peoples’ stories. 

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