Writing Prompt 11.2.2023

Our writing group loved to have a good laugh and some of the pieces we wrote in our meetings gave us just that. One prompt we loved created so much laughter around the table, we ended up with tears in our eyes. We started a story, passed it right to the next member and continued until all of us had a chance. Most of the times, the finished story was outrageous, but oh, how we loved it. Here’s the beginning of a story. Try to continue it if you are in a group:

“In a small village located deep in the Alps, there lived a man named Mark Musket. He had a wife of big stature and wide appearance named Coral the Tiny and a small son named Big Buck. Everyone in their village knew each other through gossip or gathering at the food market. One day, a stranger started to stroll the village streets, his hat pulled low over his eyes and he donned a long shirt and farmer’s overalls. The people whispered to one another, “Who is that? Why is he here? He makes me nervous.” Mark Musket was the bravest of the village and told Coral the Tiny to come with him to meet the stranger while telling Big Buck to stay close to one of his friends…”

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