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I was born and raised in rural Illinois. Much of my writing lingers through the four seasons and county of Pike. I settled in Tucson, AZ in the mid 1980’s where I established roots of a new home. Both cultures intermingle with delight. Many adventures and escapades now gone by, I write about those along with many other loves of life. You can contact me at writerspocket@gmail.com.

Samples of Sally’s published work.

When Home is Not Safe—Writings on Domestic Verbal, Emotional, and Physical Abuse. McFarland & Co., Inc/Exposit Books. Anthology. Sept 2021.

Pudding Magazine # 68. Poem, Chat Room. August 2019

Paw Prints in Verse, Poetry, Return Home, April 2017

Our Last Walk – Using poetry for grieving and remembering our Pets. Poem, Return Home. University Professors Press, Colorado Springs. Fall 2016

Just A Little More Time, poetry anthology, Poem, Silent Messages. July 2015


Born in Nebraska and raised on a farm, I currently live in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, along with my husband of fifty years and our nine-year-old dog, Rusty. I am thankful to have three children, four grandchildren and three granddogs. My children jokingly claim I love my dogs more than them. I have always been interested in a person’s story and find it helps me in navigating my own life. I am drawn to memoir writing and have been inspired to write my own, which I finished quite some time ago. I just haven’t pulled it out of the file drawer to give it life again, because I do believe every one of us has a story to tell or write.

You can contact me by email at jkc.doggonewriter@gmail.com.