Thursday Writing Prompt…11.17.22

You are on a train in a private compartment traveling from London to Portsmouth, England. You have settled in, the train begins to move when suddenly a stranger enters quickly and shuts the door and says, “_____________________________”.

P.S. You are not allowed to say, “Bond, James Bond.” You will be amazed at how a story can open up with a first few words.

Prompt: Who Are You?

November 10, 2022

The day starts normally. You are following your routine. You look at your email messages and see one that says:

You are not who they think you are.

Do you know who the sender is? Do you know what they’re talking about? Is the message the beginning of a search for you? Are you completely in the dark? Is the cryptic message something you were dreading? What is your reaction?

Thursday prompt — 10.27.22

The beauty of a quick prompt, a ‘get-go’ idea, is that before you know it, you are sliding right into a writing about yourself, someone, or something. Look at your paintings and photographs on the walls or on a side table. Do you have a favorite? What about magnets affixed to your refrigerator? What are they? Why do you like them? What do they represent?

Through a Child’s Eyes

A child’s attitude toward everything is an artist’s attitude. – Willa Cather

Perhaps you have mementos from your childhood—a jewelry box, dolls, stuffed animals, John Deere tractors, books. Become the child who you were. Write about where these beloved objects came from and what they mean to you. Stay in the child’s point of view.

Thursday’s Prompt

Writing is an avenue of self-discovery. Often times, personal unearthing talks through the pen, and we aren’t even aware until we read what we’ve written. Try writing a few paragraphs about your favorite place to write and the length of time that usually works for you.  You might learn new information about your writing process.

Thursday prompt 9.15.22 Aroma!

Smell is the first sense we are aware of and the last sense we may lose. Smell is attached to memory, a whiff of a familiar scent may instantly bring up a memory from your childhood for instance. Write about smells from your childhood—list five you remember well, then choose one to explore. What associations do you have with that smell? Such as early morning aromas from the kitchen, certain holidays as you walked into a room, smells from a farm, summer cut hay, cough syrup? What other emotional memory goes along with it?