Thursday Writing Prompt 9.21.23

This prompt ties in a bit with yesterday’s blog post regarding painting and writing, how they coincide in artistic conduct.

Paint Chips are a favorite of mine to begin a write, a warmup, something that can lead to a bigger piece. Names of paints are fabulous. I can spend a long time in a hardware store in the paint section. These names can lead to a story or poem, or just a title for either. Over the years, this exercise was used numerous times with our writing group.

I have randomly pulled four chips from my stash. If you can work all four into your poem or story, great, or one may catch your eye and may be the only name you need. Perhaps something recently happened in your world that you can tie the name(s) to your experience or memory that might represent an emotion, or action.

Cowgirl Blue, Summer Harvest, Sky Glass, Candy Floss,

An example from a writers group evening follows:

Sand Dollar                Perfume Haze           Breakfast Biscuit                   Mist Spirit

Cliffs, stones and dunes reflect miles of

   weathered and worn shores.

Mists of spirits rise tall over a shape of a sand dollar

  and perfumes of haze tuck tight against cottages.

Breakfast biscuits warm, the whistle of wind taps gently,

  a field mouse skitters into a hole.

Let’s see what you can do!

Thursday Writing Prompt 9.7.23

When writing about place, one can often unknowingly assume the reader is aware of its description because we ourselves are so familiar with the location. Instead, write about where you live, using vivid geographic details, describe the people, the events that occur there, etc. Read what you’ve written more than once and decide if a stranger would be able to visualize your “place.”

Thursday Writing Prompt 8.24.23

Here is Part 2 from the 8.3.23 prompt.

On this night, there was a full moon. Each new moon has a name. Work into your story the name of the moon, and month and make it relevant to the night in question, either at the beginning, middle, or end of your story. Your choice.

If you have written, or writing, we invite you to send your story to be posted at a later date with your permission. We would love to share and discuss how prompts get the flow going and how your thoughts fall on paper.

Please send to Sally at her email,

Thursday Writing Prompt 8.3.23

A woman in her early fifty’s roars into the local medium-security prison parking lot. She hauls items from her car, screaming and tossing these into the bed of a black pick-up truck. Security lights come on and all focus on her. What happens next?

Write a story, 750 words or less. My next turn to post a prompt on 8.24 will be Part 2 of the prompt.

Thursday prompt 7.13.23

We have been skimming along in the month of July which began the halfway point of the year. Time management experts suggest harnessing this opportunity to review actions and set new goals for the rest of the year before July limps or bounces off stage.

Things to consider: What is working for you? What isn’t? Did your New Year’s resolutions stick? Have you turned your daily exercise into a habit rather than a chore? Still eating those delicious greens? Ummmmm…

Prompt 7-6-23 – Last Chance

Think upon the idea of a last chance and follow wherever your mind wanders. What does it mean? The end of something or a new beginning? Turn it over and over. Then write a short story, essay, or poem about a last chance. It can be a personal last chance or a character’s last chance. Where does that last chance lead? Have fun with it or delve deeply into the unknown.

6.22.23 Writing Prompt

To bounce off yesterday’s blog…now it’s your turn. What ARE the things you swore you’d never emulate in your mother that you now find yourself doing?

Repeat a certain phrase?

Do you wear the same style of shoes?

Never miss a favorite game show?

Re-use things?

Make lists?

Use a gillion jars to store things in?

A Kleenex stuck in your waistband?