Our Book

Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets
by Jackie Collins, Diana Kinared, and Sally Showalter

Published by Atmosphere Press

Cover design by Kevin Stone

ISBN# 978-1-63988-462-9, Price: Paperback $18.99, Digital format – Kindle and Nook $7.49.

Herein is the arc of our journey as a writers’ group. Our narrative is spiced with glimpses of the things we learned as we explored the craft of storytelling, character development, poetry, memoir, and freeing our minds to follow inspiration. We ventured away from our desks to explore diverse styles with teachers in various places throughout the west from Washington State to Mexico. We attended classes as a group and individually and shared those lessons with each other. We learned the art of critiquing to provide support for each other’s developing ideas. We hope you enjoy our writing journey as much as we enjoyed putting our discoveries on the page.

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You can order our book in paperback and for Nook at Barnes and Nobel – Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets. It is also available through Amazon in paperback and for Kindle at Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets – Amazon. You can purchase it on Bookshop.org at Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets – Bookshop.