Hair Block

When I first took writing more seriously, I soon became familiar with the term ‘writer’s block’. I felt instantly intimidated by these these two words. And all the years after, and today, there it is, ‘writer’s block’. Many professional writers we read take a stab at describing their experiences with this neat little term. I felt I was subtly convinced I had a serious problem. In the past, if I sat down to write and didn’t come up with anything, I assumed it was because I just didn’t want to.   

Here is a description from the internet: Writer’s block—wanting to write and not writing—is a persistent problem that every writer (yes, every writer, even Stephen King) deals with. At its simplest, it manifests itself as a lack of ideas. What do I write about? At its most pernicious, writer’s block can convince you that you lack what it takes to be a writer. We’re here to tell you: that’s simply not true.

See here, there is a cure!

I must tie this into a more serious, actual, problem for me right now. I call it ‘hair block’. I have not been to my hairstylist for over three months. I think this issue began during the onset of Covid in 2020. Life shut down and stayed home. This was a set-up for things to come, to realize certain things were not just as bubbly important any longer. Laugh if you will, but I have a small photo album of all the hairstyles, colors, blonde streaks pulled through those head squishing rubber caps, foil wraps, flips, shags, perms, and so forth BECAUSE my hair was very important…it had to make a statement.

Currently, bobby pins are my coolest companions. Like sitting down to write, I stare in the mirror several times a day and go blank. Do I worry? Nah, just as in writer’s block, there is a cure, but my hair story is sure as heck dull. I know the novelist of ideas will come to me as to how I want my next haircut to represent me and I will step with glee with another short story of hair flair.