Thus Far…

Saturday we were out my front door at 8:15 a.m. We needed to snag a spot in the parking garage close to the University Mall. After waiting our turn to enter the garage, we found a great parking space, loaded up our cart with wheels and trekked through the tents, crowds, and found help to locate our tent #252 and table. What an ordeal to get set up. I can only speak for myself but I am a people watcher and my husband nudges me constantly when out in public…”Would you quit staring?” I finally got my eyes focused on my tasks and was raring to go. 

This gorgeous Saturday morning was like broad doors swinging open to welcome everyone after days of high winds, sleet, and snow just three days prior. Hilary and Nancy, two of the main organizers for the Indie Authors and their assistants could not have been more courteous seeing to all of our wants. Hats off to that group!

The sun burst forth, opened its early March arms, and draped itself across hundreds of lookers, readers, writers, children, and the curious. Once again we met all of the above, made connections, sold books, gave away pencils, contact cards, and tons of smiles. Diana moved to the front of our tent and greeted anyone that gave a slight blink our way and handed them a bookmark. Flash conversations emitted all around and from side to side. What a joyful day.

We then had to pack up by 1:00 p.m. to allow the next round of Indie Authors to set up. Once again, we loaded our cart on wheels and dumped it in the car. All morning we couldn’t wait to walk through the tents, listen to other author presenters at selected venues, and, buy books! As we set off, we discovered how exhausted we were. We gave a half-hearted determined effort to catch a second breath walking the entire distance of the grassy mall. Standing on aching legs and feet, the thought of comfy jammies, a footstool, and a glass of wine dangled in front of us like a huge carrot leading us back to the car.  

After all, we still had Sunday for a third book signing event! Jackie will share that event this Friday in her blog. Lastly, I want to add a big shout out to our many individual personal friends who came over the three days of our signings, either with their copies or one to buy, for us to each sign and boost us with their support. You know who you are and we love you for it!

Just Around the Corner

Well readers, almost time! The Festival of books is just around the corner, this coming Saturday. Our book, Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets, has been accepted and we are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  How many times can we mention that? Not enough apparently–point being—we are full of excitement and anticipation! Jackie flies in this afternoon from Colorado and will be staying at my house for the first few days, and then at Diana’s for the last few days.

We begin this chapter with a book signing at one of the two Barnes & Noble on Friday. Saturday The Festival, and Sunday a second book signing at the other B & N. Meantime, we gathered our books, pens, bookmarks, our poster, business cards, and each other for all these events.  

My brother will also be flying in from Illinois this evening. He is coming to hang out with my hubby while I am in and out like a typical Arizona dust devil. They will be plenty busy detailing our 1969 SS Nova to get it ready for upcoming spring Tucson area car shows and begin building another hot rod engine. This is my husband’s 2nd love, next to me of course.

I will be posting pictures, extravagant tales of our newest adventures, and experiences with our exposure alongside our book. Please wish us the best!


Yesterday morning while having coffee with my husband our conversation rounded the corner to the last time it snowed in Tucson at our house. Currently we are experiencing a ‘cold snap’ and much snow sits prettily on the Catalina and Rincon mountain ranges. Why wouldn’t snow conversation float over the steaming cups of coffee? At that very moment, I noticed one of our cats sitting on the screen porch, her back to me. Her dark silhouette alluded she was keenly aware of something I could not see. I finally leveled my eyes in one spot and noticed something like ash in the air. Rising from my chair and moving closer, it was snow flurries! We all stepped outside.

Snow four years ago from our front yard.

If you are following our blog, you will see that our book has been accepted and included in the upcoming Festival of Books! This is a great pleasure and privilege. Attending this event will create numerous lists for presentation, coordination, what to wear and what jewelry to match. I say that because Jackie loves her jewelry of all sorts and chooses all in great taste. When we traveled to Steamboat Springs to a writing conference, in June 2003 (story can be read in Chapter 3), her biggest piece of luggage was her jewelry case. Her laptop was second. I relentlessly ribbed her of this treasure chest. While on breaks in the afternoons to work on stories, I would stand up to stretch and find myself aimlessly staring at this collection jumbled into her case and think she must have packed in a flurry.

Flurries come in many shapes, sizes, movement, and thought. Mine now is of course the Festival, Jackie’s arrival, and plans for the three of us to buzz about and present ourselves to a very large audience. I am anal enough that I want my compartments to be in order, and ready to fly as planned. But if a flurry comes along, I will step out and enjoy…stayed tuned.