April has been a delicious month of inspiration with words. This girly month is winding down in preparation for the next. May rumbles in National Burgers Month, Older American Month, and National Military Appreciation. Quite a few nutshells to fill and participate in. As I was perusing the web looking at months, I came across National Drinking with Chickens Day in May! Now this could peck out a grand short story.  

Back to our fluffy April…Jan, one of the original writing group members in 1997 introduced magnetic poetry at one of our meetings. The front of her fridge was covered in tiny rectangular pieces with words and fragments of words. I was hooked and bought a set of 1,138 pieces. Over the years, those pieces drew anyone who came to visit towards the fridge, not just for a snack or cold beer, but to muse and invent. I kept a notebook of some poetry, thoughts, and hilarious lines, especially when my son and friends hung out.  

Here are three of the more ‘poetic’ choices:

The day will be smooth like burnt sienna

as the fall beauty begins and the sun

will incubate our time together.

Sweet, luscious rain, cool, misty moments,

a sky whispers of dark joy, a warm desire

beneath clouds, a language only

beauty can speak surrounded by a

symphony of enormous love.

Mother and daughter gardened today, winter

having wandered on and winds shadow had fallen away,

replaced with a sleeping blush that touched each

shoulder while spring slowly began the color of warm caramel.

Thank you, April for giving us days of lyrical verse and gracefully stepping aside to look forward to May.

I reckon so.