Thursday Prompt 9.1.22

“A red pony colt was looking at him out of the box stall. Its tense ears were forward and a light of disobedience was in its eyes. Jody’s throat collapsed in on itself, and cut his breath short.”

John Steinbeck published The Red Pony in 1937. Start with the last sentence of the paragraph above and tell us why Jody’s throat collapsed in on itself, as Steinbeck writes. Was Jody surprised, scared, shocked, excited? See where your imagination takes you.

Thursday’s Prompt

First person gives your story a strong voice. With first person, the readers think and feel right along with the narrator. Here’s the prompt: Begin a story in which the first-person narrator is at work. They will use jargon or slang to describe what they’re doing. Don’t use too much though, a little goes a long way.

This week’s prompt

Write a “How to” from the second person point of view. Instead of first person “I”, talk to the reader and use “you”. Bring the reader into the story. It can be an essay, a story, or a poem. Give an explanation of something as if the reader was part of the conversation. An example of second person point of view is in Jay McInerney’s novel Bright Lights, Big City about a young man struggling with reality.

On a lighter note read page 65 of Telling Tales and Sharing Secrets to see how I wrote a humorous short short story of How to Bake Bread. Please feel free to share your creation with us. We would love to be part of your writers’ group.