112…and counting

I was going to write about a little writing workshop Diana and I attended last Friday early evening, but it’s too HOT. I was going to explain how lovely it was to be among ‘live’ people writing, pens humming across the paper, soft sighs easing out before a finished sentence all the while trying not to let the blaring crazy music coming from speakers in the corner nook at a local Bookman’s in Tucson, but it’s too HOT. I believe the temp last Friday was 107 at that time of the evening.

Earlier in the day I took a summer meal to a friend who had light surgery. Chilled shrimp over lemony couscous, fresh snap sugar peas, and a yogurt lemon dressing. It was 109. Fortunately, the bright-flavored dish stayed crisp.

Half my potted plants have paled, withered, and lost desire, just as I feel because it’s HOT. Watering twice a day instead of once is a bit of a perk, but not for all.

Storm thunderheads are late, dallying south and across borders, but one did suddenly appear and surprise Monday late afternoon. The temp that day was 110. Rain and wind blew in with such force, it snapped power lines, blew off tree limbs, and at our house, tipped wrought iron chairs over on our porch. HOT cooled down to a fabulous 75 for a short period.

Did you know people are flocking to enter Death Valley to experience the record-breaking temps of 130 – 132, The entry is called Furnace Creek Visitor Center. I say just go to their local crematory for free.

Monday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after, 112, 113, breaking records…HOT. My brain is mush, and my desire is worse. I am having a hard time focusing on writing, absolutely no yard work, and ideas for cool meals. Literally ‘cool’ food. While dumping ice into my morning coffee (no HOT) at the moment, I did think of another nice salad for our lunch today.

Stay cool everyone!