Where’s the Almonds?

We experienced a very short, one-day, maybe two, break below 103. Today we begin a climb back to over 107. Every day in July was over 100 and in dire need of something refreshing.

Bing cherries have been bountiful this summer here in our local markets. Knee-deep red with highlights of carmine that glistens in your hand before being popped into the mouth. Delectable.  I have a bad habit of when I buy fruit, mainly in the melon family, if bland, I toss. If only I had some form of roving livestock in my backyard to take advantage of the throwaways.

Produce is being grown in a hurry, using all sorts of wands and whistles to get it picked, packed, and to stores, ready or not. I just will not tolerate fruit that mimics cardboard. This summer, we have found that wherever cherries are for sale they all have been juicy, sweet, tart, and a loaded pop of lush flavor which I cannot get enough of.

Last week my husband came home from our nearby 99-cent store with TWO quart-size bags of dark cherries. What are we going to do with two big bags of cherries before they go bad? He casually mentions, “Why not a cherry tiramisu?” Well, I love making tiramisu. I have a favorite winter recipe when eggnog hits the stores over the holidays. In the summer it is plump strawberries pureed with powdered sugar, fresh orange juice, and Grand Marnier, layered with more strawberries and blueberries intermingled with creamy cheese and whipped cream filling and well-mannered Ladyfingers which I keep a supply in my pantry. Those little delights are hard to come by and when found, I nab several packages.

I quickly googled and found a recipe right away and I held all the ingredients on hand but the mascarpone cheese. I bought three. Cherry Almond Tiramisu. I read the recipe, and while putting together, I kept looking for where the almonds entered into the picture. At the very bottom, after a third reading, it states: To omit the alcohol (Amaretto), make the simple syrup as directed, then add ¼ cup of water and a scant teaspoon of almond extract. (https://thecozyplum.com/cherry-almond-tiramisu/)

Ah-ha! Almond enters the scene. Therefore, I name my version Cherry Amaretto Tiramisu.  

Never allow a recipe to fool you into not giving it a go.