Prompt 4-13-23

A good friend died on Easter morning leaving behind his wife of thirty years and his fifteen-year-old son. His passing was expected/unexpected. I can talk with his wife and son, encourage and console them, but what can I say to him? My way to express my feelings and try to understand his last thoughts was by writing an unsendable letter to him. It felt good to release some of my sorrow by telling him how he touched my life in unforgettable ways.

Write a letter to someone you love who has passed or with whom you’ve lost connection, a different kind of death. If it has been a long time since you saw them, bring them up-to-date and let them know your feelings about their place in your world. It may not all be positive. Even negative feelings, expressed, can be a useful tool in your writing kit.

One thought on “Prompt 4-13-23

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss Diana. This is a wonderful prompt and something I suggest to people a lot in my practice. It’s very therapeutic to write directly to someone and know what you say is ultimately for you; your own release, self-expression, even self-realization.
    Hugs, S

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